Hello Love

Hello Love,

Many lunatic arguments and definitions have been represented all this while over your person. Some dubbed you as a complex and non describable positive or negative feeling, resting on what the individual holds good of the world, a prove of your very own complexity. But when I reminded them; the complex is simple there were fewer further comments.

I strode on in search of answers, because the renewable but constant beat of my cardiac muscles sought, mostly in vain for you that I don’t  know, maybe it is because you’re  known not, and where you are, you are possibly  a sheer abstract twaddle taking part in a “lido” game, in my chest.

Dear Love, comparatively you aren’t the equally of The God, who all this while keep mute in His hiding palace.  There is a manifestation of assume superiority of your person, damped in arrogance and desire for wealth, fame, beauty, joy (negative or positive) sex, jealousy, sweatiness, shamelessness, bitterness …such a clear juxtaposition of sanity and insanity marks the portrait of your character. Establishing and maintain any relationship with you is now the devil’s fool.  Attached are the facts that you’re unpredictable, blind, dumb and unstably driven by emotions as wicked. Nothing could be more realistic than the might you posses, a tremendous link with the senses of man; I suspected that’s where you dwell when you infiltrated the man that you constantly manipulated and governed all this while.

Unsure if you’re deserving of the title “dear”, enduring the irking feelinfe you subjected me all these years- forced me; and I am resolved to break the barriers and free myself from your dictatorial altar much beautifully in the rare fashion that The Gambia liberated itself from dictator Jammeh. I am free from you, forever.

No more yours, because when I cried…

  • Role come pretty, the love of all of my heart Step in confident now you alone would be
  • Fear not, not ‘cause you wouldn’t own sadness
  • For your creamy smile shall keep me chained Ever in flavor of thy love  


  • Do in time choose smooth, be gentle
  • Rigidity breaks its dignity, love
  • Do now give me give a chance


  • All, I know now, I promise you wouldn’t own sadness  
  • If you wished, be it overt or covert
  • I shall take any, offer me
  • Be the future; beyond face of fear embrace me
  • For time to wait sagely the grace
  • The glory in union to be Such all black couple  


  • Thy dress Praises in all, I am impressed
  • Thy lasting simile this and all erases stress
  • Role come pretty, for so long I am I and you are…


  • Please fill my life be my mistress
  • While I love you loath, I love  

You, in display of your deaf senses, while I strived tough through, crying out with my large mouth you remained mute, ignoring, ignoring me. Unlike Tocqueville, never wishing “to show so much respect for justice” that my heart so much deserved, because I love you- Love.

  •  Role come pretty, the love of all of my heart
  • Step in confident now you alone would be
  • Fear not, not for you wouldn’t own sad
  • For the composition of your creamy smile shall keep me chained
  • Ever in flavor of thy love

From the valves of my heart, I pulled rare breaths and cried out, wishing for you. I offered you confident- you alone would be my “love”! Oh but you… you feared, nipping my promise in the gutters of heartbreakers not even when I said- fear not because your creamy simile shall keep me forever chained in the flavor of your love. Unappreciative, ungratefulness, feelingless’…

  • Do in time choose smooth, be gentle
  • Rigidity breaks its dignity, love
  • Do now give me give a chance All, I would now, I promise you wouldn’t own sadness

Such because times without number; in every aspect, you refused to present the gentleness that you supposedly belong. Yet in patience I stock, true and clue to the love- I loved you, and did warn rigidity breaks your dignity. But did you give me a chance?

  •  If thou wished be it overt or covert
  • Offer me Be the future; beyond face of fear embrace me
  • For time to wait sagely the grace The glory in union to be Such all black couple  

Now that I turning disparate and inpatient, gathered the little strength retained and pleaded just-just for any relationship, over or covert just an avenue to manifest my all true emotions.  Such a scattered dream… all black couple.

  •   Thy dress
  • Praises, in all I am impressed
  • Thy lasting simile this and all erases stress
  • Role come pretty, for so long I am I and you are…
  • Please fill my life be my mistress While I love you loath, I love

But many dreams I had with you, at least in illusion. Perhaps they’re best described as my dreams for you because I was impressed in all that you appeared to be, your simile was infectious, charming, but not without its deceptive end which I never paid attention to….so I continued to call… “Role come pretty, for so long I am I and you are, please fill my life be my mistress…While I love you loath, I love

Because I never knew you, and “maybe it is because you’re known not”!   The torments shall be no more, at least not for the sake of the unknown- love!

Wait… am I for real, I did promised to ever love you, Love?

Toney F Mendy


Students Alleged Corruption in the Handling of scholarship

Corruption in the handling of Scholarship in AIU the Gambia, students complained.

Needless to say corruption in the education system is a grave impeding block on the progress of the education in the West Africa region and beyond thus undermining the quality of education across all levels according to several international reports and Gambia is not an exception.
However for several reasons during the dictatorial atmosphere of the former regime not much in the Gambia have been said about this plight confronting our education system over the years despite public outcries over corruption in the manner in which our educational institutions are administered across the country.
Recently students toke to the social media to express totally dissatisfaction against the Ministry of Health and Nursing following double selection process for a free scholarship for the students of American International University.
According to the students who spoke to this paper in animosity, the authorities in charge announced the availability of 22 scholarships from American International University of West Africa (AIUWA) for The Human Resources Department of the ministry of health and that following announcement for students to apply, they followed the due process of the application until selection was made. However, before some of the students who were selected all the interviews were even communicated to some authorities interfere to null the process for the reason, that they (this person who null the process) did “promised some students the said scholarships”
“All of a sudden we received information that we should reapply because Lamin Marong the*** Mamadi Cham said they were not informed and that they have promised people that scholarships were going to be available thus we reapplied and were not even shortlisted for an interview let alone given the scholarship” the student explained.
This scholarship is from the American International University to the Ministry of Health and has little bearing with the Ministry of Education according to the student’s knowledge.

Another student who would not say much, told this reporter that nine (9) of them are affected by this undue change that occurred in the process of application, but expressed pessimism of a more transparent process should the Director act as he promised to look into the matter.
The director of the school of Nursing Mr. Marong when contacted by this reporter on several accounts on phone to shed light on this matter decline from commenting nor would he accord this reporter an audience.
In what could be described as an attempt to seal off this alleged corrupt act from public reach, this reporter have been informed that some of the students were urged by the authorities to delete the Facebook posts relating to this matter and were promise by the director of nursing, Mr Marong that this matter would be looked into according.
Unfair handling of scholarship is just one of the many unethical practicing hindering our education system.
Recently, the massive leakage of examination paper is another concern that calls for more concerted effort to instill decency in our education system.
As this story unfolds, this reporter would continue to monitor its developments to the end and other related activities in the school system that is of concern to the public. Meanwhile efforts to reach authorities at the Ministry of heath continues. The Ministry of Higher Education would be contacted on this matter and other related issue in our education system that The Government Inspector have gathered information on.

Toney De Seeker

Gambia Rejoins the Commonwealth

Gambia Rejoins The Commonwealth

The Gambia rejoined the commonwealth FB_IMG_1516062859451of Nation, after the secretariat of the 53 member organization confirmed the application and the unanimous approval by Members States for the country to rejoin the voluntary organization following its withdrawal in 2013.

The Gambia left the organization in 2013, after 50 years of membership following the decision by the former regime that the organization is a subject of neo-colonialism thus its government (The Gambia) would never be a party to it, describing organization as an extension of colonialism and exploitative.
The country’s return to the organization was marked by flag raising ceremony, at the gardens of Marlborough House, at the London headquarters of the commonwealth witnessed by the Commonwealth Secretary General, Patricia Scothland, executive of the board of Governors, members of the Committee and the Gambian new commissioner Francis Blain.
In a statement released by the Foreign and commonwealth Office of the UK, foreign secretary Boris john is quoted as saying “The Gambia’s return to the commonwealth family is fantastic news. When I visited the country last year, I saw huge enthusiasm for the values and opportunities offered by our modern, diverse commonwealth. This so that when a country commits to strengthening democracy, governance and the rule of law, it is welcomed back to the international community and the common wealth family.
With Gambia’s renewed membership there are now 53 member states of the Commonwealth, representing more than 2 billion people most of whom are from the former British colonies.
The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) is schedule to take place sometime in April in London for the first time since 1986 and would witness Gambia’s precipitation in such a significant gathering of the organization for the first time since its withdrawal of membership.
Commissioner Francis Blain The Gambia’s High commission to the commonwealth expressed his joy of the country’s returned to the organization.
“The Gambia looks forward to being able to both contribute and benefit from the collective wisdom of the commonwealth family of countries” he said.
According to the new commissioner, the country like its friends in the organization will play an active role in supporting the work of the Secretariat and of other organizations and initiatives under his leadership to help the commonwealth flourished in its connection.
“The government and the people of the Gambia will also draw on all the commonwealth collectively has to offer, assisting practical ways to address a wide range of pressing issues.
These according to Blain include ‘protecting the environment and tackling climate change, and the empowerment of women and the young people, Blain assured.
The Gambia is the fourth member to re-enter the organization in its history: Pakistan in 1989, South Africa in 1994 and Fiji in 1997.
The country”s return to the Commonwealth has been well received by Gambians from both home and abroad, who viewed this as part of the Gambia reunion with the international communities. Gambia was one of the most active members of the commonwealth under the ex Gambia leader Sir Jawara.

Toney F Mendy

University of The Gambia